is what GEMtool promises.


The broadest range of technologies and services in the professional cutting tool industry


  • Design
  • CNC Grinding
  • Edge Preparation
  • Coating
  • Polishing
  • Inspection

All processes in house

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    GEMtool constantly accumulates the know-how of machining on diversified materials in various industries from long term cooperation with our customers.
    We understand what the customers need. We know carbides, tool geometries and post-processes such as edge preparation, coatings and polishing, meanwhile we have abundant experience with a great variety of materials to be machined. We also know what kinds of machines and processes that the customers are using, and what's the concerns the customers are facing. That's why GEMtool is able to provide ideal quoting, define and produce perfect cutting tools, use them in the machine and thereby determine the optimal cutting solution.

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    CNC Grinding

    GEMtool only uses Rollomatic's CNC grinders for CNC grinding process to secure the best accuracy and stability in quality. Thanks to apply particular Rollomatic's CNC grinders ranging from micro to super big diameters in order to achieve the best precision in the full size of portfolio.

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    Edge Preparation

    Use Magnet-Finish technology, significantly enhancing the performance and lifetime of cutting tools.

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    PVD coating

    Apply new advance High Density Pulsed Plasma (HDPP) and Arc Splitting Technique (AST) to build up the Nano-layers coating in order to boost up the tool's performance and lifetime tremendously.

    CVD Diamond Coating

    The one of best solutions to machine the advanced materials such as Graphite, Composite Material – CFRP, GFRP…etc.
    GEMtool is only one cutting tools manufacturer in Taiwan that is equipped with the SP3 CVD Diamond Coating Machine. Thanks to the in-house coating process, GEMtool is able to provide their customers the best and stable quality of the diamond coating tools.

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    Quality of cutting tools secure by fully automatic universal measuring machine.

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    Quick response to customized and low-volume demands

    Thanks to GEMtool's Quick Response Team (QRT) that consists of the most talented and long term experience crafters and is equipped with the most accurate manual grinder – EWAG WS-11SP series to fulfill customers' low-volume and urgent demand for some particular tools.

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    All series of diamond tools

    GEMtool provides their customers with a one-stop shop service for the diamond cutters there are four categories that include MCD, PCD, PCBN, Diamond Coating cutting tools.
    GEMtool is one and only cutting tool manufacturers in Taiwan can make all of these four categories in their own house.