Date: 2019-10-15 Bulletin

"Tainan City's Local Industrial Innovation and R&D Promotion Plan (Local SBIR)" GEMtool won the award of the outstanding manufacturers of 2019

Tainan Government praised the outstanding manufacturers for innovative research and development investment

In order to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to invest in innovative R&D, the Tainan City Government has promoted the local industrial innovation R&D promotion plan (local SBIR) year by year. Through R&D and innovation funding subsidies, R&D risks can be reduced, and industry players can accumulate innovative R&D energy and strengthen competitiveness.
The "Tainan City Local Industrial Innovation and R&D Promotion Plan (Local SBIR)" award ceremony for the outstanding executive manufacturers in 2019 was held today. Mayor Huang Weizhe personally presents awards to commend the outstanding manufacturers and affirms that local manufacturers have invested in innovative R&D And expanded internationally, deepen industrial competitiveness, and promote economic prosperity.

Innovation drives industrial development, industrial demand leads innovation

Mayor Huang Weizhe said that the local SBIR program has an annual subsidy of more than NTD 50 million, which can subsidize about 70 businesses. In 2019, the SBIR64 case concluded with the manufacturers with outstanding results, which led to a total output value of more than NTD 400 million, reduced costs by NTD 67 million, and contributed to an investment of more than NTD 100 million. In view of the project output and industrial benefits of various group-closing manufacturers (the top 20%), 13 cases were selected for implementation of high-performance manufacturers (1 case was joint research and development), which produced 23 new products and services, and reduced costs by up to NTD 40 million, estimated to drive an output value of more than NTD 70 million, showing that the city government and manufacturers work together to implement innovative research and development and lead the continued economic progress.

The companies that were awarded the best executive performance in the case closed in 2019 were Kanxun Technology Co., Ltd./Mingmo Industry Co., Ltd., Fu'an Industrial Co., Ltd., GEMtool Co., Ltd., Rainbow Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Xianglinxing, and Chong'an Rehabilitation Bus Co., Ltd. Company, Xinyuanhao Enterprise Co., Ltd., Chenyu Co., Ltd., Baorong Development Enterprise Co., Ltd., Yude Technology Co., Ltd., Jackson Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Qiao Doctor Technology Co., Ltd., Zuoming Metal Technology Co., Ltd. . Among them, the great performance manufacturers that plan to implement new output value include GEMtool, Rainbow Optoelectronics and Fu'an Industrial, and the significant manufacturers that plan to improve the original efficiency include Yude Technology and Chong'an Rehabilitation Bus. GEMtool Company is a manufacturer of carbide cutting tools. Its main products include carbide drills, carbide end mills, specialty forming tools and insert, and diamond tools, etc. At present, it plans to complete the development of high-hardness internal R-type diamond patch tools to improve processing tools. The precision has also led the company to enter the consumer electronics industry, with a new output value of more than NTD 38 million; the colorful handwriting board developed by Rainbow Optoelectronics integrates a number of patents. Currently, it is negotiating cooperation with Amazon, and future products can increase the utilization of small-size panels. The new output value can reach NTD 21.5 million; Fu’an Industrial plans to build a complete locomotive headlight structure strength. In the future, it will cooperate with the three major domestic locomotive manufacturers to jointly develop overseas markets, and the overall new output value will be about NTD 25 million; Yude Technology’s own design Develop polysilicon packing and screening equipment, increase the speed of feeding and screening, optimize process parameters, increase production capacity by nearly 10 times, and detect yield rate of 97%; the management service system of Chong'an Rehabus can increase the efficiency of transportation scheduling by 20 times. Revenue grew by 1.1 times.

Mayor Huang interacted with representatives of each high-performance manufacturer at the scene and listened to each manufacturer’s suggestions on the city’s policies. He hopes that all companies can continue to invest in innovation and R&D, continue the original foundation, and open up broad market business opportunities. It can also give back to employees and society, and lead Tainan's enterprises and advanced learning to promote industrial upgrading and transformation, and drive substantial economic growth.

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