Date: 2023-10-13 New Product

SiC PCD drill

PCD Spiral Drill for SiC
  • Application :

    Processing of ultra-high hardness materials such as SiC (Silicon Carbide), C/SiC (ceramic matrix composite), Al2O3 (aluminum oxide), Si3N4 (silicon nitride), ZrO2 (zirconium dioxide), tungsten carbide, composite materials ...etc., is a great challenge for many processers. The use of a PCD spiral drill can significantly improve machining productivity and tool life. Currently, it is a widely used solution in the market.

  • Advantage:

    1. PCD drill with helical angle can effectively reduce cutting resistance, improve chip removal (powder particles), and greatly improve machining productivity and tool life.
    2. Double-point angle geometry is employed for excellent performance in preventing splinters and cracks at the exit hole during drilling.
    3. Ultra-fine edge surface finish improves workpiece surface quality.

  • Applicable materials :

    SiC (Silicon Carbide), C/SiC (ceramic matrix composite material), Al2O3 (aluminum oxide), Si3N4 (silicon nitride), ZrO2 (zirconium dioxide), tungsten carbide, composite materials....etc.

  • Application scope :

    Silicon Carbide (SiC) has high hardness, high wear resistance, high power, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance in terms of chemical, mechanical, and physical properties. It is often used in the semiconductor industry and LED industry. Such as the conversion components required for electric vehicles, silicon carbide wafer (SiC Wafer) and silicon carbide substrate (SiC Substrate) among power control components, or materials for key components in the semiconductor manufacturing process, such as SiC electrostatic chuck (ESC, E -Chuck, Electrostatic Chuck), gas diffusion plate (Shower Head), SiC wafer carrier (Wafer Susceptor / Carrier), etc.

  • Product Specifications: