Date: 2020-07-21 Exhibition

GEMtool participated in the Tainan Machinery Exhibition for the first time, and its corporate image was eye-catching

C.C.Chiu, general manager of GEMtool Company, who specializes in the design and manufacture of tungsten steel cutters, attaches great importance to this exhibition. In addition to the well-built exhibition hall facade, there are also a large number of business personnel stationed to provide consultation and recommendations for visitors.

GEMtool company specializes in cemented carbide, tool geometry and cutting edge preparation, coating and polishing, and other post-treatments. The company has rich experience in various materials. By understanding the machinery or process used by customers, they can fully solve the problems faced by customers. Therefore, a trusting relationship is established with their customers. In order to provide customers with more precise tools, they emphasize four major features- all industries with long-term service, all diameter with best accuracy and stability, all process in-house manufacturing, and all series of diamond tools. The main products include carbide drills, end mills, specialty forming tools and insert and diamond tools, etc.

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